Swamy Sons: Staying Ahead In The Logistics And Warehousing With Innovation As The Key

CIO Vendor The logistics and warehousing industry is rapidly adopting new-age technologies to streamline its offerings and workflows. In the past, most players in logistics industry worked without the support of any software and had to performtedious tasks of reporting data manually. Such companies are still not moving towards innovation and are going through the trouble of consolidation of reports, delayed decision making, and more.

Swamy Sons, a well-renowned logistics and warehousing company believes in changing continuously with time and staying well-equipped with state-of-the-art advanced technologies. It is embracing innovation and constantly implementing methods for smooth functioning and enhanced client experience.

“Change is a law of nature and we need to adapt to the changes at regular intervals to keep up with the industry,” says Arun Swamy, Managing Director, Swamy Sons.

Swamy Sons offers storage, transportation, and top-notch co-packing services. Offerings also include warehouse management, inventory management, primary and secondary transportation, cold-chain transportation and cold storage warehousing. Expertise in handling products of various sectors like fast-moving consumer goods, consumer durables, pharmaceuticals, paints, luggage, electronics, confectionery, food products, lubricant oils, pet food, etc. has made Swamy Sons a versatile company.

In an effort to stay digitally progressive, Swamy Sons has developed a customized ERP for efficient and transparent operations. The company has effectively developed a warehouse management system (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS). These programs are used by Swamy Sons for fast and efficient functioning and also for enhanced
control over vehicle utilization. The company excels in its services with devised and mapped route plans that maximize the capacity of the vehicle and minimize the vehicle delivery time, resulting in overall cost optimization.

With its unmatched services, Swamy Sons has created state-of-the-art warehouse infrastructure, making it a leading service provider in the industry.

“We have skilled manpower with negligible attrition resulting in a long-term relationship with many of our clients. The high rate of customer retention is a testament to our high service levels and dedication towards the operations”, says Arun Swamy, Managing Director, Swamy Sons.

Change is a law of nature and we need to adapt to the changes at regular intervals to keep up with the industry

Swamy Sons proudly stands ahead of its competitors with the ability to offer fast solutions to principal companies’ requirements, along with excellent inventory and batch-management of products. A dedicated quality team ensures that the staff are prepared for any situation. The capabilities of staff are continuously uplifted with a plethora of training services. The vision of Swamy Sons is to be recognized as the most preferred service provider by enhancing customer satisfaction. The company is serving many renowned clients including Kellogg’s, Mars, Colgate, Ruchi Soya Industries, Indian Oil corporation, and Cavin Kare to name a few. Swamy Sons has also received several appreciations for its services from many of its clients.

An ISO 9001 & ISO 22000 certified company, Swamy Sons operates from several states including Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi. Currently, Swamy Sons is managing over 30 lakh square feet with end-to-end digital operations in place that are connected in a single software. ‘Our aim is to be the top 3PLservice provider for South India. “

We plan to expand to east, west, and north India in the next five years,” concludes Arun Swamy, Managing Director, Swamy Sons.