10 Most Promising Surveillance & Traffic Management Solution Providers - 2020

10 Most Promising Surveillance & Traffic Management Solution Providers - 2020

The global video surveillance market is projected to reach USD 87361.8 million by 2025. As we are operating in a world that is in need of ever-growing safety demands and is expected and required to have a certain level of security across various areas such as commercial facilities, office spaces, universities, Government enterprises, financial institutions, healthcare organizations etc., there is a huge demand for safety and surveillance system. In addition to this, rise in need of safety in high risk areas, growth in transition from analog surveillance to IP cameras and integration of internet of things has fueled the growth of the video surveillance market size. Increase in trends toward development of smart cities is expected to offer lucrative opportunities for market expansion.

The global traffic management market size is expected to grow from USD 30.6 billion in 2019 to USD 57.9 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.6% during the forecast period. Traffic management integrates and coordinates the flow of traffic in various regions for the ease of commuters, i.e., vehicles as well as pedestrians. It helps develop better transportation as well as transport infrastructure. It also helps reduce traffic congestions and promotes a regulated flow of traffic. It is an economic and fuel-efficient solution. Traffic management also helps reduce carbon emissions from vehicles, thus providing an environment-friendly traffic solution. The demand for effective traffic management solutions is expected to rise at a promising pace in the next few years, thanks to the vast rise in vehicle ownership globally and the rising awareness regarding the social and economic losses that economies incur due to traffic jams.

Smart city projects and modern Smart Home endeavours are great factors further catapulting the demand for surveillance and traffic management solutions. CIOReviewIndia presents a list of “10 Most Promising Surveillance & Traffic Management Solution Providers - 2020”. Being closely scrutinized by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, CXO, analysts and CIOReviewIndia editorial board, we believe these solution vendors will help in transforming the face of our global environment.

We present to you CIOReviewindia 10 Most Promising Surveillance & Traffic Management Solution Providers - 2020.

Top Surveillance & Traffic Management Solution Providers

Cover Story
Company Name Company Description
VL Access Renders sustainable and fully integrated solutions specializing in network management solutions for service providers, small and medium enterprises and government organization
Company Name Company Description
Amplus Global Provides dynamic video surveillance systems to residential complexes, commercial shops, schools, transportation systems and various other government projects.
Arecont Vision Costar Manufactures network cameras and megapixel surveillance cameras that offer a large selection of megapixel IP cameras.
ATT Systems Provider of Traffic Management Solutions that offers tested and proven Integrated Traffic Technology.
EFKON India Provides end-to-end solutions for Intelligent Revenue Collection System (Toll Management & Parking Management), Advanced Traffic Management System (including Intelligent Lighting System) and...
Scapil Offers intelligent traffic/transportation management system; particularly in the highway traffic management segment.
Technosys Group Offers a customized ATCS (Adaptive Traffic Control System) systems based on traffic patterns.
Techsis Provides various solutions like control room and video wall solution, visitor management solution, school security etc.
UIVS Provides Real time video surveillance services and software solutions for enterprises across various sectors.
Xpertnest Devises location specific strategies such as virtual bus lanes, sensors etc. based on the existing infrastructure to solve the traffic congestion problems in the cities.
Yotaka Avails solutions including Smart Parking, Smart Security & Surveillance, Land Encroachment Provention Programme.