CtrlT: Enabling Visibility to the Logistics Industry with AI-based Technology

CIO Vendor The logistics industry in India has been witnessing several leakages and inefficiencies affecting the industry from the ground level. With a lack of infrastructure, government policies, and different perceptions in society with a huge rigidity to change, the leakage issue has been built. To bring a solution to all these issues, a concept known as CtrlT was designed which is just not a technology. It is a logistics plat-form supported by Artificial Intelligence enabling different sectors of the logistics industry, starting from transporter companies, brokers, truck owners, drivers to manufacturing companies, to create an interconnected network with their counterparts allowing them to capture more business and also have their daily operations managed efficiently using its intuitive digital collaboration platform. By rating the trustworthiness and service quality, all the users on the platform are judged based on their performance bringing in more accountability and reliability, which is a scarce commodity in this industry.

CtrlT is a product of Aluru Logistics, a company founded by Chetan S Krishna in 2017. He started his career in 2014 in Silicon Valley and then moved back to India in 2017 and eventually founded a series of start-ups in the logistics, defence, and animation industries. With all the experience and knowledge he picked from California, Chetan built his logistics startup Aluru Logistics with a core team of developers.

Later by early 2019, Aluru Logistics pivoted into a technology company and started developing CtrlT. The pilot version of CtrlT slowly picked up four major clients by end of 2019 and reached 800+ monthly orders by March 2020. To quantify its impact, within a few weeks of adopting the CtrlT Platform, a steel manufacturing company in Hyderabad was able to save up to 15.32% of its freight costs with the introduction of Live Reverse Bidding Process among its transporters.

Boosting the communication
The major issue that the transportation industry is facing is its unorganized and incoherent networking of various players in the industry. There is a lack of a genuine medium where all the sectors of the logistics industry can communicate together, both within their
organization, their peers, and also their vendors and customers. On this note, Chetan says, “There is a dire need to create a social network between all these users in both horizontal and vertical levels.

That will help to have a seam-less way of joining the market demand with supply without any delays and providing clear visibility of all operations happening in their daily workspace enabling the users to make more informed and data-driven decisions.” Also, the technological tools like Smart Tracking, IoT Integration, ANPR, RFID, GST Integration, and Weighment Bridge Integration will make the whole supply chain error-proof and enable CtrlT to completely simplify the daily operations of users and also detect any discrepancies immediately to prevent any further delays or losses.

CtrlT provides all the players in the transportation industry to possess their own interconnected digitized logistics management platform which manages all their transportation needs and attain a synergy among themselves

CtrlT provides medium and large manufacturing companies to possess their own digitized logistics management platform which manages all their transportation needs. This includes truck procurement like Auctions and Spot Booking through AI-powered bidding platform, Loading Process Supervision in Plant, IoT based smart goods tracking, digital documentation including e-POD, and all the way upto the final Invoice Payment to Transport Companies. CtrlT also offers easy and user friendly solutions for brokers/agents. The features include sharing truck and load information within the broker/agent network, to manage the daily vehicle placements and pending payments aided by a comprehensive accounts module.

Similarily, CtrlT is built to solve the limitations for transport companies by providing them with a truck booking module that manages phone calls of truck owners and brokers while procuring trucks. CtrlT had also designed a model for all small and medium truck companies and drivers helping them manage their daily business by providing a smart vehicle maintenance management module to EMI Payment projections and many other features. While talking about the future of the company, Chetan says, “CtrlT envisions to be a one-stop destination to manage all the facets of logistics industry precisely interconnected to cater to all its players.”