Diverse Infotech: Helping Businesses Generate Value

CIO Vendor Growing businesses face a multitude of challenges that demand meticulous measures and customized solutions. Therefore, organizations need to look for new solutions every day since what worked a year ago might not be the best approach today. Most importantly, identifying and overcoming the common drawbacks associated with the business growth is highly essential if the organization wants to continue to grow. However, businesses also need to ensure that the steps they take to improve their business today must be aligned with their long term goal.

Since the market demands are changing rapidly, many technology providers base their product and service development in synchronization with anticipated demands, which more often than not proves to be a futile strategy. As clients plan to expand their business, the strategy followed by them should also evolve in order to suit the changing business requirements and circumstances. “One of the major issues faced by growing business today is lack of awareness regarding the business benefits of modern solutions. While the next-generation platforms have defined their credentials in large enterprises, many businesses are still skeptical about reaping the potential of technology,” says Meenal Grover, CEO, Diverse Infotech. Based in Gurugram, Diverse Infotech is a technology solutions provider addressing the sophisticated business requirements of clients from all domains through its domain knowledge and technology expertise. The company through its measured approach understands the current market challenges and demands and helps businesses understand and derive the immense business benefits and competitive advantages of customized solutions. Diverse Infotech strategically analyzes data to obtain a better picture of the dominating trends, opportunities and potential market changes. This in turn enables the company to optimize its services, identify target customers and better engage with them.

Adopting Agile Approach to better Adapt to the Changing Market Landscape
Diverse Infotech has ensured that its entire workforce has adopted an agile approach to better adapt to the changing market landscape and formulate the best business strategies to support the market growth. Not only that, an inclusive engagement with its customers enables the company to understand the current challenges faced by their clients in their businesses, facilitating Diverse Infotech to customize its offerings to best meet the changing customer demands. Furthermore, to ensure the welfare of customers and provide a positive customer experience, the company renders round the clock after-sales support to its customers.

Technology enabled High Quality, Cost-Effective and Business Integrated Services
Known for its technology enabled high quality, cost-effective and business integrated services and solutions, Diverse Infotech provides successful SAP implementations, Applications Maintenance & Support, System Integration, SAP training, Web Development, Mobile development optimization services to clients across the globe. Through its technology expertise and by building lasting relationships with its clients and employees, Diverse Infotech has become a leading services provider in the ERP marketplace.

“Our goal is to continuously embark on new journeys in order to expand our service offerings horizon and to continuously improve the quality of our existing services that cater to our clients’ requirements,” affirms Meenal.

Highly Proficient Leadership Team
Effective and proactive leadership helps organizations make the most of the opportunities and create a sustainable growth for the future. Diverse Infotech’s highly proficient leadership team understands the core requirements of customers and facilitates the creation of a framework for persistent innovation. The management team also possesses in-depth expertise in analyzing the specific requirements of businesses to deploy the most relevant solution, ensuring maximum ROI. With its talented resource pool of experienced certified consultants, solution architects and project managers the company has designed end-to-end project execution methodologies for clients.

Driving Innovation
A culture of innovation has become a major deciding factor for the failure and success of an organization. In today’s hyper competitive world, instilling a culture of innovation results in improved employee engagement which ultimately leads to a happy client. As a next generation enterprise, Diverse Infotech gives utmost importance to imaginative thinking, integrated approach and positive belief to drive innovation in the organization. The company also believes that creating a dynamic work culture and infusing confidence into its teams promote creative thinking.

Helping Employees keep up to date with Current Technology Trends
“Digital transformation is not just about technology but also about how
well a management communicates with its employees and up skills them. With an aim to help our employees stay up to date with current technology trends, we have endorsed and integrated continuous learning into our work routines,” says Meenal. “Moreover, we invest heavily in consistent workforce up skilling initiatives to help our employees realize the current as well as future market demands,” he adds.

What makes Diverse Info techunique in its approach is it utilizes the latest data analytics tools to spot the latest trends and opportunities by conducting sessions to effectively tap them. Moreover, the Diverse Infotech team diligently analyzes the way its competitors are utilizing technology to compete and escalate their operations.

Our goal is to continuously embark on new journeys in order to expand our service offerings horizon and to continuously improve the quality of our existing services that cater to our clients’ requirements

Establishing Healthy Customer Relationship through Two Way Communication
Customers are the heartbeat of any business. Therefore it is highly essential for businesses to have a healthy customer relationship with clients to be successful in their business venture. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy customer relationship with all clients will help in sustaining the business performance as well. By building a healthy customer relationship, organizations can reap benefits such as increased Customer Lifetime Value and reduction in customer churn rate, which can remarkably accelerate the revenue growth.

Managed by a team of young entrepreneurs with international experience in technical, functional, business consulting and management, Diverse Infotech has strong management focus, provide breadth of capabilities and flexibility in customer engagement, making customer relationship a huge success.

Diverse Infotech’s business growth approach revolves around gaining customers through strategic engagement and not merely market promotion. Since its inception, the company believes that the real value of a business is defined by the number of customers it can acquire.

Firstly, by understanding the importance of customer loyalty, the company involves a host of strategies to ensure an unprecedented customer service. One such strategy implemented by the company is its use of Effective two-way communication. With a strong belief that two way communications are the key to good, healthy and long lasting customer relationship, the team engages in comprehensive conversations with its customers, which helps them identify the clients’ key requirements, challenges as well as areas of improvement.

Secondly, the company includes Value addition to its services. ”At Diverse Infotech, we are also of the firm opinion that offering more value to customers than promised not only concludes in customer retention but also results in positive brand image,” affirms Meenal Grover. The company’s objective has always been to keep its customers satisfied with its service as it believes that happy customers may also promote the brands by word of mouth.

Thirdly, Diverse Infotech through its comprehensive conversations ensures that the clients provide detailed feedback regarding the services obtained from the company. After which the Diverse Infotech team makes changes and improvements in their services based on the customer feedbacks. This makes the customers feel more valued and also instill a sense of trust in them.

Chalking Out A Rewarding IT Strategy
An exponential rise in digitalization has warranted the need for a defined and effective it strategy. “since the inception of my career, i have witnessed unprecedented growth in cloud applications, demanding enhanced compliance and data security norms,” says meenal grover, CEO of diverse infotech.

“Having rigorously analyzed the pace of sap innovations, i am of the opinion that chalking out a rewarding it strategy as per the specific requirements of a customer is of paramount importance and merely deploying a solution which isn’t the best fit for the demands of a customer is a mistake which many technology providers enact,” he adds.

“Leveraging my global experience, i also advise customers that upgrading their sap landscape may cause some disruption, but the roi would be advantageous. Also, cloud is the inevitable future and enterprises should strategize a roadmap to embark on this journey,” concludes meenal.