Newage: Empowering the Logistics Industry with Cloud-based ERP Solutions

CIO Vendor The increasing usage of technology, mobile apps, seamless availability across devices have made many difficult tasks easier and faster. One of the industries witnessing rapid digital transformation in its activities is the logistics industry.

Many software companies are leading the way for the logistics industry to embrace changes by using modernized tools and techniques. Newage Software and Solutions is one such software company offering top-quality Cloud-based ERP that fulfils the needs of freight forwarding and logistics industries.

Headquartered in Dubai, the company has several delivery centers in India and Philippines. Newage solves complex business needs through its flagship product eFreight Suite. The software provides an integrated functionality for Sales, CRM, Operations, Shipment tracking through air, ocean and land. “We provide a range of integrations with broader supply chain ecosystem providing real-time visibility of the entire shipment life cycle to the customers,” says Ashish Mishra, the CEO of the company. The product provides the most comprehensive functionality for the freight forwarding and logistics industry. Its SaaS-based solution are robust, scalable with multi-location and multi-currency capabilities, provides a modern web inter face for the end customer visibility, Powerful BI dashboards.

“We also provide full finance & accounting, and warehouse management, and these are end to end integrated modules,” adds Ashish. Therefore, the features of the suite have fully integrated single-window ERP, including finance and credit control, built-in process controls, elimination of duplicated data entries, and a rich library of all statutory, MIS, sales, and operations reports. In addition to its ERP Software, Newage also has Back Office
Services capabilities known as ITeS, which work independently and in tandem with its flagship product eFreight Suite. ITeS supports the freight forwarding and logistics industry through a range of services starting from documentation, sales support, customer operations, finance and accounting.

With more than 300 ITeS specialists with strong domain and deep industry knowledge, Newage helps in reducing errors and omissions and streamlines processes through automation in a cost-effective way. Offering include end-to-end outsourcing (ITeS FTE model) and Pay per use/Trans-actions model. Newage has presence across the globe including Europe, Asia, MiddleEast and the USA and provides special language support, including German, French, and Dutch. “We work with 300+customers from all over the world. We process more than 15,000 shipments for our customers every month with a value of around $500M,” mentions Ashish. He also confirms that the deep domain knowledge of the employees in the company is one of the major reasons for their success and this makes them a unique contributor in the space.

Striding to continue to provide result-driven solutions, Newage is aggressively building a NextGen ERP on Modern Cloud-native Technology platform

When one of its customers demanded effective integration of all their business operations to manage various complex cross-border logistics requirements, the experience of the team and the eFreight Suite turned out to be the most relevant and successful solution for them. Integrating eFreight Suite with their customer's internal systems helped them to maintain a common workflow platform and information exchange for all logistical and warehousing operations. Striding to continue to provide result-driven solutions, Newage is aggressively building a NextGen ERP on Modern Cloud-native Technology platform. It will provide a customer-centric user experience across channels (Web, Mobile, Tablet) along with Open APIs for external system integrations. It aims to focus on connectivity, end-to-end visibility, automation, and business intelligence for the logistics industry. CRT