WebXpress: Equipping Logistics Industry with Technology-as-a-Service

Logistics industry in India has been lagging behind its global counterparts in terms of technology maturity. However, with initiatives such as GST, E-way bill, Bharat VI emission norms, Electric vehicles, mandatory GPS and FastTag, the industry is set to witness unprecedented transformation and has the potential to leapfrog generations of technological advancements to be at par with global logistics industry. In India, both Logistics Tier 1 and Tier 2 are expected to continue growing over next decade owing to increased urbanization, growth of e-commerce, warehouse consolidation and deep distribution. For instance, multimodal and dedicated freight corridors will usher more changes in next 10 years than seen in the last 70 years.

WebXpress is a strong proponent of Democratization of Technology where every user should benefit from technology everyday

However, this growth throws up some challenges that are unique to India market as the India logistics market is highly competitive and price sensitive and the only way to profit is to scale up operations and reduce unit costs. Logistics businesses are skeptic about bearing the CapEx for new technology implementation which might not yield the desired ROI, and they are also wary of the security concerns with regard to operational data. WebXpress comes to their rescue by offering Technology-as-a-Service over Cloud - so that large number of companies can adopt modern technologies at reasonable investment and raise their game. Unlike many start-ups, WebXpress is built on solid foundations of 100+ customers, strong revenue growth and profitable business, and has also ensured laser-sharp focus on Domestic Logistics offering solutions with depth of features born out of 1000s of customer suggestions over multiple years.

“WebXpress is a strong proponent of Democratization of Technology where every user should benefit from technology everyday. Mobile phone
is an example of how technology can be useful to masses. As a part of our Mobile First strategy, everyday functions such as Consignment Tracking, Booking, Delivery, Vehicle Arrival, Billing and Sales are available to users on their mobile,” says Apurva Mankad, Founder & CEO, WebXpress. The company has developed a mobile app - XpressNews that allows sharing of real time alerts for floods, road closures, strikes etc. pushed as notification to hundreds of users in a matter of seconds.

WebXpress is available on pay-as-you-go basis. This means very low costs for start-ups and small logistics companies and reasonable costs for scale companies. WebXpress offers Cloud based Software as a Services (SaaS) solutions for entire Supply Chain process for all types of logistics companies in domestic logistics. Some of the innovative solutions provided by WebXpress are: WebXpress Velocity - a Transportation Management System to handle booking to balance sheet, WebXpress Acres - full featured Warehouse Management System on Cloud, and WebXpress Kart - a specialized system to handle e-commerce logistics.

With a slew of new projects in pipeline, WebXpress plans to increase its deployment in over 15 countries from current 8. WebXpress is also slated to soon cross 50,000 users, 100 mn IoT signals, 1mn bookings and 35,000 vehicle trips every month. The company is in the process of launching a Control Tower Solution - HawkEye - that will enable Real Time Monitoring and Analytics of Vehicles and shipments. “Our next generation Mobile Analytics platform will empower every user with Artificial Intelligence based suggestion engine to execute tasks that will improve overall financial health of logistics companies,” signs off Apurva.