SensiWise: Providing Real-time Visibility and Insights into Businesses’ Assets and Operations

CIO Vendor There is no doubt about technology’s role with respect to the disruption in today’s logistics industry. However, Indian logistics’ market is still marred by high levels of fragmentation, cost-competitiveness and inefficiency due to inadequate material handling infrastructure and under rated integration with modern information technology. Hence, a reduction in logistics cost from the current levels of about 18 percent to a desired 12-14 percent will primarily be dependent on three factors – better infrastructure, simplified regulatory environment and adoption of technology. Moreover, today’s businesses demand leading edge solutions which can create differentiation and deliver business impact by enabling Transparency - detailed and granular visibility into operations, Innovation - customers to offer newer and differentiated services, Agility - sense and respond to events in near real-time, and Efficiency - reducing cost of operations and penalties incurred by enhancing asset availability and utilization.

Focusing on these aforementioned parameters while designing and developing their solutions with optimal knowhow of current market situation, SensiWise, based in Bangalore, has been bringing Visibility, Assurance and Efficiency by leveraging the power of IoT, Analytics and Blockchain technology to provide real-time visibility and insights into businesses’ assets and operations. With the ability to wirelessly monitor multiple product parameters and handle product/assets through all stages of supply-chain, they have been able to create an end-to-end traceability of product’s journey and integrity even when multiple different service providers are involved. They also have the capability to go beyond monitoring by closing-the loop through remotely operating and controlling field asset.
An advanced Remote Diagnostics and Telematics Solution
Aiding in amplifying financial and operational health of a business, WiseRadiant is an advanced remote diagnostics and telematics solution which aids in reducing operational expenses of a transporter/fleet operator by 15-20 percent using appropriate sensors to collect diagnostics, health and operations data from the vehicle and applying advance analytics and machine learning. The insight gathered helps in bringing down the costs associated with fuel, maintenance and repair, vehicle downtime and incurred penalties.

We deal with Cold-chain Logistics by monitoring the product’s condition and asset operations, involving all stages of the product’s journey from the time it is manufactured till it reaches the customer

Stepping beyond Data-loggers or GPS Devices
“In SensiWise, we believe that Coldchain industry’s needs transcend more than just monitoring of temperature and location of the product during its storage and transportation phases,” states Puneet Jetli, Founder at SensiWise. As solutions in today’s market, either passive data-loggers or GPS devices with temperature sensor are inadequate in meeting the real on-the-ground needs, SensiWise provides an end-to-end traceability and assurance on product integrity through the entire Supply-chain journey with granular visibility on whether the defined operational processes and SLAs are being complied with or not. And to top it all, it also comes with the ability to initiate remote operations and control of assets whenever and wherever required.