Simulytics: The User Friendly WMS in a Complicated Industry

Jaideep Deodhar, Founder

While in the past, a warehouse or a DC was simply a storage facility for goods or a place to put 'stuff' as it made its way through the supply chain, the modern day facility screams to be made agile and capable enough to support brick and mortar, e-commerce, B2B, home deliveries and parcel shipments to name just a few. Software and equipment vendors have not chosen to sit back on their laurels, and watch companies’ warehousing strategies travel back into the dark ages. Therefore, based out of Pune, Simulytics has been streamlining warehouse operation via optimization solutions for Inbound and Outbound functions, Inventory, Space and Resource management.

Simulytics’ products for warehousing & transportation are remarkably flexible, customizable and controllable. The products allow a superior control on the material handling operations, order fulfilment, and the 'health' of the inventory in a warehouse. Simulytics’ products can be aligned to the SOPs (standard operating procedures) for each warehouse/customer and at the same time, the ease of use ensures that the solutions are adopted with quick training and minimal impact on operations.

Feature Abundant System
The WMS designed by Simulytics allows sophisticated 'rules' for allocation of inventory, managing orders, and dispatches. The rules driving manual operations are different from the rules driving automated operations. Each type of hardware (drones, sorters, conveyors, AS/RS, etc) will have unique
requirements from the WMS, and the Simulytics product is made ready to cover all such use-cases. Its modules optimize the bin-location of inventory within the warehouse, ensuring that the right bin (location) is used to store each product or SKU. Moreover, the physical operations (unloading, storage, picking, loading, kitting, etc) can be assigned to the workers in a manner that enhances the speed, and accuracy of all such operations. Online dashboards provide visibility into the warehouse, which is particularly useful for clients that deploy the WMS at multiple locations. The dashboard or the Control Tower covers all the KPIs at all warehouses in a single window.

"The WMS designed by Simulytics allows sophisticated 'rules' for allocation of inventory, managing orders, and dispatches"

Reverse logistics has been a matter of concern for struggling ecommerce businesses and online retail. WMS allows manufacturers to set specific handling rules to manage returns, or inventory received from customers/users. Such inventory needs to be reviewed before it can be re-used. Often,the returned stock needs to be further sent to the origin (manufacturer /factory). The WMS controls and segregates regular stock from the returned stock, and ensures that the returned stock is managed as per the quality guidelines of the manufacturers.

With so many features built-in, Simulytics is the 'easiest software' for any user in the logistics industry. It provides value to the entire ecosystem - producers, traders, and 3PL service providers. At the same time, it addresses the expectations of the complete organization, across hierarchies and locations. Every customer, who is associated with warehousing and transport operations, gets value through its seamless and easy experience. Being a SaaS offering, the product is further user friendly in terms of deployment, with specific customization as per individual needs of the customer. Simulytics is in process of integrating their products with hardware such as drones, and other material handling equipment. Looking towards several such advancements with AI being one of them, Simulytics is driven by the zeal to make operations leaner, efficient and customer centric.