QUINTA SYSTEMS: Shaping the Future of Supply Chain Industry that Powers Business Growth

Sunil Veena, Co-Founder

With the growth of Amazon and other e-commerce organizations, retailers are looking to expedite delivery times and keep costs down. Today, warehouse managers have a wide array of technologies to choose from as they strive to reduce costs, improve efficiency and streamline operations. They must ensure that goods, materials and products flow effortlessly by optimizing their warehouse operations through the use of warehouse technologies. When it comes to warehouse management, Quinta Systems, based out in Bangalore, helps customers to automate their Operational Processes through adoption software and disruptive technologies such as M2M/IoT, RFID, Mobility, Data Capture and other. The company provides end-to-end approach not just in software but in hardware, consulting, and any other automation equipment which is required to integrate the office.

Work through Configurability
Today in changing business environment, supply chain process is under pressure to be more flexible, agile, and adaptable to the transformation. Supply chain industry is transforming to omni-channel from traditional distribution. Rapid changing business environment push the client to either bid for another supply chain for an omni-channel or can convert traditional warehouses to omni-channel. This is where Quinta Systems comes in figure. The company works as configurability flow, and help warehouses to convert their traditional supply chain to omni channel with the same existing set up. Quinta Systems adapt same software to change the workflow, whose primary business perspective is to dynamically change the warehouse sources and map them into software.
Additionally, lot of consolidation is happening in Indian warehouses. Smaller warehouses are converted into big ones, which require more flexibility, adaptability and scalability. May be client has only 100 customers with 5 operators bit within a span of time it will scale up to 1000 customers with 500 workers, Quinta Systems helps their business to grow along the same software. Apart from that, Quinta Systems pays a lot of attention towards the US, as warehouse management is considered one of the boring enterprises applications there. As the workers are semiliterate, the company provides mobile application as well as control application to bring little comfort for simple warehouse. Quinta Systems also integrates other supply chain technologies like IoT, RFID, BECAN or other material handling equipment available today.

"The company works as configurability flow, and help warehouses to convert their traditional supply chain to omni-channel with the same existing setup"

Cost Effective Measures
Quinta Systems has also taken appropriate measures to provide cost effective services. Contrary to companies spending a lot of money building application server or having a maintenance agent to make IT hardware, Quinta Systems’ WMS (Warehouse Management System) brings down the hardware capacity as per customer and automates equipments which is absolutely cost effective. Secondly, the company provides modularization where customers exactly see what he is paying for. Quinta Systems also provides SaaS WMS enables customers to customize software allowing them to pay for only those features which are needed. Leveraging technologies, i.e., IoT and bar coding in supply chain, Quinta Systems helps customers to achieve cost effective supply chain workflow.

With a strong foothold in India, Quinta Systems is looking forward to expand overseas. This supply chain expert started with a commitment to offer high quality product and solutions. In a recent venture, Quinta provided customized WMS solution to a client with a slow process and the UI taking 45 days to plan. With the help of Quinta’s WMS solution the number of wrong shipments was reduced by 88 percent and order turnaround time to 25 percent. Quinta Systems has helped organizations to leverage latest technologies which make their operations more efficient, their employees more productive and their customers happier.