ParkUpNow: Opens the Door to Hassle-free Parking

Ruchir Shah, Founder
In the wake of rapid urbanization,infrastructure related problems particularly parking conundrums are mounting today. In this day and age,developed nations embrace cutting-edge technology innovations such as driverless cars and connected vehicles along with supporting technologies like smart signals, smart navigation, and smart parking. While pursuing this trend, developing economies in Asia lookout for intelligent technology solutions that can help compensate the inadequate supply of parking spaces. In the era of smartphones, they necessitate astounding mobile apps that can facilitate hassle-free parking. This is where Mumbai headquartered ParkUpNow makes a mark. “ParkUpNow is an end-to-end solution provider in the intelligent parking space. A unique amalgamation of hardware including RFID tags, boom barriers, automatic number plate recognition technology and sensors, coupled with back-end digitization and analytics to identify metrics such as occupancy, availability and future capacity planning, is our forte. Often there is a lot of data generated from such intelligent systems – the value lies in making sense of this data through advanced analytics and converting it into business value and insights to streamline routine tasks and processes,” unveils Ruchir Shah, Founder of ParkUpNow.

ParkUpNow, a mobile application, aids customers to pre-book parking spot through their mobile phones with cashless transactions. It is an embedded mesh of software and hardware that works in collaboration to achieve desired operational efficiency and reduce both time and effort involved in validation and parking management. According to Ruchir Shah,“Our product can be deployed in B2C modes such as malls, movie theaters,and events, as well as B2B2C spaces like
commercial real estate projects and smart cities. As every project has different requirements, we have built robust models with inherent flexibility to customize solutions for addressing customers'needs. Our solution is equipment, industry and technology agnostic as we do not believe in a one solution fits all approach”.

ParkUpNow, a mobile application, aids customers to pre-book parking spot through their mobile phones with cashless transactions

Typically,our mindset is to park vehicles right in front of our intended destination. Consequently, the roads are getting blocked with illegally parked street cars, but a colossal number of available parking spots remain empty. Therefore, the daunting issue is not the dearth of sufficient parking space, but lack of awareness of available parking spots in the vicinity. ParkUpNow comes to fore with a great feature of convenience to customers for pre-booking their parking lots even before they start their journey, combined with Integration of cashless modes of payment, a tamper-proof validation mechanism, and strong security features, makes it a holistic solution,” evinces Ruchir Shah..

Currently, ParkUpNow has been the official smart parking partner for major music events and concerts such as Sunburn Festival 2017 held in Pune. “With an experience of handling 10000+ vehicles in a short time span during these events, ParkUpNow has developed a unique proposition towards customer experience.” adds Ruchir Shah.

At Present, ParkUpNow envisages to outspread in the parking technology landscape. With the availability of avant-garde sensor-based technology, it concentrates on facilitating smart parking spaces within smart cities.