Intellicar Telematics:Delivering Predictive Analytics to Reduce Operational Cost of Fleets

CIO Vendor with increasing concerns over security and efficiency of both personal and commercial vehicles, the demand for vehicle tracking solutions is at its peak. The ability of these solutions to provide users such as vehicle owners and fleet managers with accurate information on various metrics of the vehicle has further bolstered the market. Seizing the growing opportunities, Intellicar Telematics has emerged as a dominant player in the vehicle tracking solutions market, distinguishing itself from the crowd of vendors as a customized IoT turkey solutions provider that doesn’t just track but provides information on the overall health of the vehicle. Putting forth the Intellicar Platform - an OBD (on-board diagnostics) telematics solution, the company aims to connect users to their vehicle or fleet of vehicles in a meaningful way. Karan Makhija who co-founded the company with Kaushik Raju delineates, “With the advent of mobile technology and IoT, everything has become connected. But the vehicle as an asset still remains disconnected from our daily lives. This is where we come in.”

The platform boasts of a real-time dashboard that facilitates vehicle owners and fleet managers with end to- end perspective and visibility into various parameters of the vehicle such as current speed, number of rotations per minute along with the ability to detect fuel pilferage and immobilize the vehicle if required. Users can also leverage the platform to determine if different parts of the vehicle such as headlights or air conditioner are working while equipping them to remotely operate all of these parts and also understand the driver behavior.
An area where the Intellicar platform stays miles ahead of its counterparts is predictive maintenance analytics that facilitates vehicle owners and fleet managers with the life estimation of vehicle parts like clutch, battery, air filter, engine malfunctions etc. Users are thereby empowered with the foresight to take remedial actions before the vehicle malfunctions or breaks down. Be it the entire intake system of the vehicle or the performance of the parts, the Intellicar Platform assesses it all. With the ability to capture data at a frequency of 10 Hertz and handle large amounts of data, at close to 3 Bn data points a day, the Intellicar platform delivers detailed report against nearly 50 parameters. High frequencies of data from cars are also used to solve various use cases based on the problem statement provided by the client. This is enabled through devices plugged into the OBD port of the vehicles. The platform leverages the power of sensor fusion, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to generate the data derived from the devices. Vehicle owners and fleet managers thus gain greater control over the operations of the vehicle with minimum downtime while significantly reducing operational and maintenance cost for fleets.

Intellicar Telematics is a promising name that is driven by a team of skilled professionals with expertise over backend analytics and platform integration.

The Intellicar Platform has found implementation in over 25000 vehicles serving over 100 satisfied clients. Karan Makhija adds, “With a focus on the OBD space, providing excellent support to clients along with analytics and predictive maintenance is what strengthens us in the domain. I believe we are six months ahead of the entire market.” Moving forward, the company aims to continue disrupting markets and stay agile to serve more customers and add more value to its offerings.