iGateway System:Revamping Logistics Operations with Digital Technologies

CIO Vendor Fleet vehicles often traverse through the treacherous Indian terrain and remote parts of the country with no major communication with their organizations over long periods. Aggravating the situation is the increasingly unsafe conditions. Hence, more and more organizations are now equipping vehicles with tracking solutions. Further fuelling the adoption of vehicle tracking solutions are government regulatory compliances that require public and logistics transports to be enabled with GPS. With growing opportunities, a number of vehicle tracking solutions have also made their way into market shelves, yet the hunt for a truly secure and cost-effective solution that is easy to handle and is backed by constant support still continues. However, with iGateway System which is an enterprise tracking platform that is compatible with all kinds of GPS devices, this hunt might be over. Offered byBengaluru headquartered DeepBizTechnologies, iGateway is the result
of the company’s vision to empowers logistics operations within industries with digital technologies. Along with the software platform, DeepBizalso enriches the customer’s logistics ecosystem with robust GPS devices, manufactured as a part of the Make in India initiative.

A Feature-Rich Platform
iGateway is a feature-rich platform that delivers users with ample scope of customization and is customerspecific. Offline and online tracking of vehicles, travel time and distance covered, local language support are amongst a few of the solution’s common components.
To better secure vehicles, iGateway also facilitate clients with Geofence based monitoring and live notifications and landmarks which help clients with information on the vehicle’s precise entry/exit into the destination. Clients are also empowered with the ability to remotely stop the vehicle by simple SMS, thus avoiding unauthorized usage and thefts. Leveraging the hardware modules delivered by iGateway, customers, and their drivers are also facilitated with features such as two-way communication, voice monitoring, and emergency panic systems. In addition to iGateway’s features and its high integration capabilities, what makes the platform a favourable proposition is the 24x7 customer support that helps organizations achieve operational excellence without any trouble. Dr Muthu Swamy S, Founder & CEO, DeepBiz Technologies says, “As an company, we provide end-to-end enterprise solution to our customer. Our solutions reduce their operational cost and get their ROI within a short period while being supported and continuously engaged over time.”

National and International Presence
DeepBiz has successfully implemented iGateway in more than 15 verticals with industry-specific features. The company has also integrated sensors and devices for over 10 industry segments in public transports and enterprise logistics vehicles. “We work in complete compliance to the legal system and adhere to the government policies that govern implementation around GPS solutions,” shares Dr. Muthu Swamy S. Along with command over the public and private sectors in India, iGateway has made its mark in the markets of Dubai and South Africa. DeepBiz is also a part of several road safety and driver rewarding programs. The company’s current project includes manufacturing drone.