CIO Vendor GPS technology is being massively used to track vehicles by private, commercial and public transportation segments. This market is set to expand rapidly owing to a plethora of benefits offered to companies such as discounts on insurance, proper time management, cost reduction, better customer service, improved administration, employee management, accurate delivery time information and optimized lifecycle management. We are witnessing an increasing interest of customers attempting to understand the fleet performance associated data and engine diagnosis that significantly contributes towards the revenue generating sector. This revenue generation can be attributed to increasing number of vehicles every year as India continues to grow. With the permeation of smartphones in India, there have been advancements in the development of mobile apps and mobile technology for logistics mobility influencing acceleration in the size of the industry vertical. While the vehicle tracking market is gaining momentum, India is still waking up to the possibilities of leveraging this technology for the safety and security purposes of vehicles whether it is travelling for holidays or transporting goods for business.

The GPS-based VTS (Vehicle Tracking Systems) market is a huge untapped market that holds great promise for the future. However, there are only a limited number of manufacturers in India and most companies in this domain only assist in the assemblage of the products. Most of the Vehicle Tracking companies are dependent on foreign companies for the product manufacturing as well as the App/Software that promises standard features, with limited or no innovation at all. A leading Vehicle Telematics business in India, Containe Technologies established in 2006, recently launched its innovative and robust offering Trano, a featurerich Vehicle Tracking & Security system, which covers almost all the aforementioned prerequisites for a successful vehicle tracking solution and offers a lot of extra aspects to the transportation security system. “We have all inclusive in-house capability from Device Manufacturing, App & Software development and even Services & Support of the entire product and solution,” says Anand Kumar, Group Director of Convertz & Containe Technologies Hyderabad. He is also the National President of the Speed Governor Manufacturers Association (SGMA) of India with close to 25 years of excellence in Manufacturing & Services sector.

Gaining Dominance over the Vehicle Telematics and Vehicle Security sector across India
Headquartered in Hyderabad, Containe Technologies is a GPS Tracker, Speed Limiter and Vehicle Security manufacturer. Having been in the market for over a decade, the company facilitates customers with its portfolio of products that range from Basic GPS Tracking and Speed limiting devices to AIS-140 ready product. In conjunction with this, the company even manufactures and provides solutions for Vehicle CCTV Surveillance for both Online and Offline streams. Furthermore, Containe offers a broad range of solutions for schools and educational institutes, for fleet owners, for public transport, for the government and for individuals alike. The technically adept team at Containe with their industry-rich experience have designed and developed an app for Schools that permits parents to avail access to the school bus whereabouts and track its progress. Similarly, for taxi operators, the team has engineered a taxi tracking app for commuters or their Friends/Family to track the exact location of the taxi. “Schools, Taxis and Fleet Operators have been our target responsive customers, but we have always believed in strong partnerships. Since more than a decade, our group has had strong partnerships with more than 400 SME businesses across the country. This includes our own SLD network and Vehicle parts dealers,” reveals Anand. Additionally, the company offers a ‘White Labelled Partner’ program that caters to small businesses who envision venturing into and operating as a GPS Tracking or Vehicle Security Company on a regional scale under its own brand and ownership. “We have open APIs which allow our system to freely speak to anyone’s ERP or CRM or any software the customer wishes to integrate,” proclaims Anand.
Efficient Monitoring and Managing of Vehicle Location
Trano has been launched as a mobile app for iPhone and Android based mobiles, in tandem with the ubiquity of mobile phones in India. The app enables the vehicle owner to view, monitor and even control their vehicles remotely from any location. As the cases of theft increase day by day, one also needs to remotely shut down their vehicles in such an event. The Trano App provides access to the Vehicle owner to shut down the vehicle remotely in the occurrence of any vehicle theft, or even switch off or on its Air conditioning, or monitor the voice inside the vehicle cabin. All this is achieved at the click of One Single Command button available on the App.

Generating a Sense of Safety while Travelling
Extending its services towards providing novel vehicle tracking and security solutions which enhances security, optimizes performance, saves costs and generates a great sense of safety, the company understands the importance of safety of individuals and the desperate need for a transportation management system. Containe comes to the fore with its highly advanced Trano Vehicle Surveillance system that not only records the entire activity on the road or in-cabin, but is also capable of streaming the same remotely. Anand goes on to explain how high definition cameras are installed inside the Vehicle Cabin and on the outside of the vehicle whose video footage can be used to ascertain the fault of the vehicle in case of a mishap and can even be utilized as evidence in the court of law. Trano Video Surveillance system offers Continuous High definition recording, Live Video Surveillance, Video Auto-Upload, Motion Detection, Video Analytics of different types and many advanced features that are the need of the hour for creating a safer, secure and smart transportation management system.

Contributing towards Reducing Vehicular Accidents
Another key offering by the company is the comprehensive suite of speed limiting products under Guidelines laid by Central Government for the safety of Drivers, Passengers and Vehicles with two brands “Limits” & "Motoreye" that cater to the most delicate needs of the private and public vehicle transport security system. With speed being one of the most neglected components, vehicle owners are significantly moving towards deploying speed limiting devices in order to tame the speed and ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and on-road vehicles. With the capability to manufacture more than 50000 units per month, the company’s speed limiting products serve all standards of vehicles in the BS-II to BS-IV range. The company has installed more than two Lakh vehicles till date. “Our products are ARAI approved and we have more than 2000 approvals in our group for speed limiting device business and covers almost all the vehicles, their makes and for multiple speeds ranging from 40 Kmph to 120 Kmph,” says Anand. Apart from speed limiting, it also provides other benefits like High Fuel Efficiency & Lower Carbon Emission. “Installation of Limits - Speed Limiting Device results in lowering down the Fuel expenses by 4-10 percent in general and when the vehicle is unable to accelerate beyond the maximum allowed speeds, this saving goes exponentially higher,” informs Anand.

Carving out a Niche
In the near future, Containe plans on expanding its presence with a 20000 sq.ft. workplace with the infrastructure majorly focussing across a broad spectrum of segments like the IoT Products & Innovation, dedicated NOC for Servers, more than 100 workstations, building a training centre, space allotment for the manufacturing of products, a 24x7 support centre and a state-ofthe- art R&D Centre. Apart from this, Containe has drawn out its future road map in parallel to its long-term vision, to expand the eye of innovation to remarkable horizons and creating disruptive products in the vehicle tracking and security systems space. The team is currently working on a list of upcoming cutting-edge solutions and products that will be added to its already existing large inventory. Some of the products scheduled for a release shortly is FID-based Students Attendance Management System, Best Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Taxi Management System, Trano140 (As per standards of AIS 140), Trano Retails Customers (2 Wheelers, Four Wheelers), Trano Logistics Solutions exclusively designed for travel companies, fleet owners, transporters, auto, cabs and the likes, Trano Government Sector aimed towards ITMS (integrated Transport Management Systems), buses, mining, ambulances, child and woman safety and so on, employee tracking solution with Trano Corporate Sector, Trano School Bus Solutions for schools buses, vans and autos and lastly Trano Cold Chain Solutions for refrigerated vans, cold chain logistics vehicles and assets.