CerebroX: An Intelligent and Integrated Fleet Management and Maintenance System

CIO Vendor In a time when all business offerings are commoditized, every advantage counts. And one of the many areas where such advantages lay masked is fleet management. An area that went largely ignored in the yesteryears, fleet management today holds the potential to result in significant cost savings and increased productivity for any business that counts on vehicle fleets. Designed to reduce the operational costs and enhance fleet efficiency is CerebroX, a complete package of intelligent and integrated fleet management and maintenance system. CerebroX, a product of Coimbatore headquartered NDOT, boasts of many competitive features that facilitate businesses with the ease of managing the gamut of transportation-related processes. It has features for dispatching, tracking, route planning and optimization, rates and quotes management, and workforce management, to name a few.

Powered by disruptive technologies such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence, CerebroX is a highly scalable solution equipped to cater to the end-to-end maintenance requirement for fleet of any size. The comprehensive transportation technology enables users to predict maintenance tasks and resolve issues on time while dramatically shrinking vehicle downtime. Another distinguishing feature that characterizes this solution is “geofencing,” a feature that secures highly sensitive shipments by enabling users to constantly monitor shipments in real-time with alerts whenever the designated vehicles go off track. Keeping the various requirements of businesses in view, the solution is made available to businesses under three flavors: X Lite, X Smart, and X Intelligence.
Touching upon each of the plans,
NandakumarSomasundaram, CEO, NDOT, elucidates CerebroX’sX Lite stirs businesses through the challenges in transportation by streamlining multi-layered processes for enhanced Return on Investment. This package enables fleet drivers to manage their daily assignments for improved response times and quality standards and keeps track of driver hours-of-service(HOS) and driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIR)to ensure compliance and route optimization along with provision for GPS tracking and cost management.

CerebroX’s XSmart boasts of added advanced features for maximum productivity with greater insights into business proceedings. The solution simplifies dispatching processes and lets operators assign jobs to fleet and drivers across multiple geographical locations, identify best-performing drivers, and educate fleet drivers in driving protocols along with automatic recording of fuel transactions for analysis. CerebroX’s X Intelligence provides businesses with a plethora of smart, analytical tools to make smarter decisions that are likely to trust the business to greater heights. It sets driving standards and triggers voice alerts every time a driver exhibits unwanted behavior. The solution also integrates advanced hardware for onboard engine diagnostic to reduce vehicle downtime and mitigate part failures.

Aforementioned were only a few of the features that accompany each of the packages. Despite its sophisticated architecture, CerebroX exhibits a user-friendly interface. Applicable beyond the verticals of transport and logistics, the solution can be customized as per the unique business requirements. NDOT aims to continue upgrading the solution in alignment to the emerging technology trends. Signing off, NandakumarSomasundaram reveals that the product can be expected to support EVs and autonomous vehicles by 2020 with the target to connect two million fleets.