ATT Group: Alleviating Traffic Congestions with Robust Traffic Management Solutions

Kenny Teo, CEO
Leveraging various navigation and communication technologies, Singapore is witnessing an improvement in the overall transportation infrastructure and monitoring of vehicles. The important applications that belong to the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market are fleet management and asset monitoring, traffic monitoring, traffic signal control system, collision avoidance system, and traffic enforcement cameras. However, this domain is still in a very nascent stage in developing countries and has a massive scope for improvement. Playing a key role in this sector is ATT Group, incepted in 1998, with their robust Traffic Management Solutions that proffers tested and proven Integrated Traffic Technology. It caters to both, authority to better manage local traffic conditions and commuters to be ahead of demanding and chaotic traffic situations in Singapore.

Yet another of the company’s innovative offerings, Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS),is a comprehensive real-time system that ensures efficient traffic operations and promotes rapid rescue and relief to road users in distress. With an intuitive user interface, HTMS utilizes Central Control System (CCS), an all-inclusive software system that permits users to control various components of HTMS. Understanding the workings of this system, real-time traffic data from a traffic detection system flows into a Command Control Centre
(CCC)which is seamlessly integrated and processed and may result in actions with the objective of improving traffic flow, enhancing road safety, reducing journey time and minimizing losses.

Despite the adoption of such solutions, there is a need to curb the multitude of traffic violators. Catering to this need, the team with their vast industry knowledge and expertise introduced the Illegal Parking Enforcement System. These technical recording devices are
automatically triggered by a traffic violation. Linked to an automated ticketing system, the information of the violating vehicle is recorded and used to identify the said vehicle for the purpose of sanctioning the owner or driver.

With a global reach through its subsidiaries, ATT Group established an Indian subsidiary ATT Systems (India)in 2007 and has been operating from a rural village in Chitradurga since 2013. In its first year of inception, ATT Systems(India) Pvt ltd, received an over whelming response and succeeded in securing four prestigious projects from GMR Infrastructure for the supply of Advanced Traffic Management Systems(ATMS) and Toll Management Systems (TMS)subsystems. Continually endeavoring to deliver customized and technologically advanced solutions,GMR Ambala Chandigarh Expressways, GMR Pochampally Expressways, GMR Jadcherla Expressway, L&T for NE1 and NH8in the State of Gujarat, IRB TCBOT in Karnataka and Trichy Toll ways in Tamil Nadu are some of the finished projects that boast of high customer satisfaction.

Andrew Tan, Managing Director

In conjunction with this, ATT Group has successfully honoured the contract from Indian Highways Management Company Limited(IHMCL)for Traffic Surveys Using Portable ATCC along National Highways in the state of UP, Bihar, and Jharkhand. With a clear vision to exceed customer expectations, the company further augments their services by facilitating clients with exceptional post sales service and round-the-clock customer-care service. Driven to make the Indian roads safer, the team is currently working with several prototypes including radar in order to make a system which is self-learning at the same time and simultaneously smart at enforcing the rules on a complicated Indian highways.