ANS IT: Providing Integrated and Customized Solution for Vehicle Tracking

CIO Vendor Driver behaviour, delays in delivery, and fuel and goods theft are some of the common problems associated with transportation function of businesses. These problems cause a setback in business operations, monetary loss, wastage of resources and pose risk to the goodwill of business. Fleet tracking solutions provide businesses with visibility of their vehicle movement to bring better control and efficiency in transport operations. However, vehicle management needs differ across each business segment and merely gaining visibility of vehicles does not resolve transportation issues for all business. Perfectly understanding this problem, ANS IT, uniquely positioned in vehicle tracking domain diagnoses the problem and provides custom made products and services.

The company deploys two types of tracking solution, one is mobile application based, which requires no hardware and second is through the hardware. ANS IT is addressing the needs of various segments like Municipal Corporation for waste collection, child safety for school, employee transport and sales force tracking for corporate. It deploys different solution for distinct needs of the clients like RFID solution, personnel tracker solution, and work solutions, to name a few. Elaborating on the positioning of the company, Shyamal Soni, Director, says, “ANS IT is serving more than eight verticals through its software. We are solely positioned in the GPS market with dedicated IT engineers who are continuously developing on the GPS product. We are providing our solutions to various industries in B2B and B2C model.” The company ensures effective fleet management, timely delivery, fuel saving, secure cargo and passenger, precise navigation and proper driver behavior.
The company provides an e-lock solution to secure transportation companies against fuel theft. Similarly, it implements door sensor for the safety of goods by generating alerts for unauthorized access. Often, in the tracking solution visibility of vehicles is not accessible to all parties concerned which in turn create transparency issues. ANS IT solves this problem through integrating every stakeholder’s device to the tracking system, enabling dealer, distributor, and client to track the logistic movement till the delivery of goods.

The company is providing sales force tracking to bring in better accountability and facilitate on-the-go reporting for constant connectivity with the management. Explaining about the custom-made feature for salespersons, Soni says, “The application enables sales person to start and record conversation with clients through our mobile application. They can put travelling expenses and update management with new information about work.” To prevent fraudulent tracking services and enhance security, the company has installed alert generation mechanism through IR system for any device removal attempt. The system also generates alerts in case of danger or in need of help.

Apart from its solutions and products, ANS IT provides dedicated, 24/7 support service to its clients for all the software and hardware related queries. With its dedicated team the company has grown exponentially in India and outside. In order to be in a better position to cater to the needs of its clients, ANS IT is bringing all latest innovations and updates in its software solutions. The upcoming project of the company is aimed at solving the persistent connectivity issue in vehicle tracking domain due to network problems. Soni signs off saying, “We are planning to develop new seamless tracking system, taking help of Indian satellites.”